ONLNE EXCLUSIVE Unplugged Puppet Tote Bag

All totes are made from eco-friendly OFF-WHITE cotton canvas and hence not bleached.
Thickness: 10 oz
Measurements: 41 (w) x 37 (h) cm
Handle length: 61cm
Print method: high quality heat transfer
Washable. Wash inside out

Illustrated by 猪の画室 PIGOLOGIST™

Original artwork Featured in *3x3 International Illustration Professional Show Annual 2011 (ProShow 8) - merit*

<The book of Melancholy>  Page 1:  Unplug

"A puppet is an artificial figure representing a human being or an animal, manipulated by the hand, rods and wires. It's crafted by man for performance on a stage. It's existence and characteristics was designed and given by the creator. What if the puppet was capable of experiencing its own feelings and even senses? Would it want to abide by the rules of the creator? One of the puppets had decided to unplug itself. It disappeared into the deepest void." by PIGOLOGIST.

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