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Our Childhood Double Decker Bus Cushion Cover


This is a vintage looking cushion cover made of premium axtatex material. Unlike canvas cushion cover which is rough and uncomfortable, this is soft to the touch and as thick. Axtatex is comfortable and durable. It is a mixed polyester and spandex material. They're able to stretch about 5%-6%.

Measurement: 40 x 40 cm (Able to fit a typical 50 x 50 cm IKEA inner cushion, as shown in photo)
Printed on both sides.
*inner cushion is NOT included for sale. 

This is an illustrated childhood memory of my bus trip. Accompanied with imaginary local characters, such as the Merlion, the Tiger which appears on everyone's SG dollar notes and other quirky animals. Those were the days when air-conditioned buses were not available and one can feel the breeze from the opened windows.

Singapore Collectibles:
Singapore has been evolving at a killing pace. What are left from the olden days, are in danger of being left behind or demolished. Singapore Collectibles is a series of quirky articulations of how local illustrator, PIGOLOGIST, would like to remember her childhood days and tribute what she likes in her homeland, Singapore. Every Singapore Collectibles sends out a campaign message through illustration, in the hope to save heritage sites such as Toa Payoh's Dragon Playground  to the nostalgic Tiong Bahru. Clinging on to the last vestiges of what makes us Singaporean. Bring home a little memory of what matters to Singaporean and where you've set foot on.



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